Welcome to International Bar!

International Bar is the oldest foreigner bar in Fukuoka. Friendly English speaking staff and a laid back atmosphere!

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  • こんにちは!次のイベント情報を教えてください( ^ω^ )!

    dot Yjp pointer2017年5月24日 02:10
  • great bar, great people and a nice evening hope youre fine people! Memories from 2015 during my japan trip. Greetings from germany

    dot Arwid pointer2016年6月30日 16:54
  • Let's have fun.

    dot Eiji pointer2016年5月23日 17:32
  • 土曜日行きますので宜しくお願いします!!

    dot JUN pointer2015年4月7日 12:21
  • I'd like to have a information about Events
    And party.
    When and what time is good to meet people?

    dot Amy pointer2014年8月24日 08:51
  • To Whom It May Concern,
    My name is Brandt. I believe my friend Alice messaged you in Japanese yesterday. I am an American and have just graduated from University in the United States and plan to move to Fukuoka at the end of August. I am curious to know if you have any open positions at the International Bar. I have experience in the service industry and would be happy to send along my resume. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

    dot Brandt pointer2014年8月10日 20:07
  • can visit your pub on 16th and 17th Dec. see you then. (not need to publish this)

    dot Mune pointer2013年12月10日 16:29
  • You are lovely and I enjoyed meeting you. Your move my lady.

    dot Robert Kennedy pointer2013年10月25日 16:32
  • Hi, I visited you 2nd July at my biz trip from Tokyo. Good time with the crocodile game. Will visit on 24th, see you.

    dot Mune pointer2013年8月6日 06:17
  • I just ran across your website and it brought back memories. I used to frequent the bar during my time in Fukuoka (1994-2000)....and I even worked there part-time for a short time in 1997. So glad to see it's still there!

    dot Lillian pointer2013年5月11日 05:42
  • Happy New Year! :))
    Thank you for a nice moment when I came here again on 2nd business trip. I had been wanting to come here a nice place when the trip comes.So I was happy and I'll be back next time also. :)

    dot akira pointer2013年1月3日 10:56
  • Had a wonderful time, Amita. Haven't been to FIB in ages. It was great! All the people were warm and wonderful. I'll see you again soon.

    dot Craig pointer2011年9月13日 06:25
  • I think will visit Fukuoka again close to christmas season as a business trip again. ;-)

    dot Kim pointer2010年12月10日 23:36
  • Guys I will come to Fukuoka Tomorrow.
    I think will alive over 10PM at airport.;-)

    dot Kim pointer2010年11月28日 14:06
  • hello claudian i`m alex romania how are you ? im caming back in oktomber now is my sister in japan litell sister ....... she want to visit your bar leave me a id messenger for talck whit you end i wnat to id messengers to emiliano my id messengers is . I` waiting your mesages or somthing . By by

    dot ALEX Romania pointer2010年9月14日 09:24
  • how r u dudes

    dot KIM pointer2010年9月3日 19:06
  • Thanks for making our night in Fukuoka great. Sorry about abusing your locals with cutlery!!


    dot Darren pointer2010年7月20日 12:42
  • hi

    i was the lad from Manchester who came to the bar on Saturday night. Just like to say i had a great time and thank you for being very hospitable.....the night ended up very messy!

    dot Jav pointer2010年5月12日 16:10
  • Klodian, you should start a facebook group for the bar. One day I shall return!

    dot Luke pointer2010年2月12日 07:51
  • hy my name is alex i wnat make frend`s in japan have 21 age

    dot alex pointer2009年10月1日 23:09
  • check out the cheesepizza! sweet website ;)

    dot Becca pointer2009年9月22日 23:00
  • Best Bar in Fukuoka!
    Great Website Ken! Hope I can come to Fukuoka asap.

    dot Markus pointer2009年9月10日 21:13
  • International Bar is the best in Fukuoka!

    dot Jordan pointer2009年9月6日 05:53
  • Great! About time International bar had one.

    dot Katie pointer2009年9月2日 16:13
  • great, fun bar! i will visit again soon!

    dot chuck pointer2009年7月21日 13:35
  • I had good time last night, I enjoyed the magic games and practicing my English. Mata ne . Yumiko

    dot Yumiko pointer2009年7月16日 02:59
  • Welcome to our new site!

    dot Klodian pointer2009年7月15日 21:55
  • The site is up!

    dot Ken pointer2009年7月15日 19:13


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